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Anthony Kashou, MD featured a blog post titled, Sinus Arrhythmia 3 days ago

ECG Features: Sinus rhythm w/ beat-to-beat variation in PP interval

Anthony Kashou, MD featured a blog post titled, Sinus Rhythm 4 days ago

Default heart rhythm; impulses arise from sinus node Normal Pw axis: 0° to +75° Normal Pw morphology: Upright in I, II-aVF Inverted in aVR Upright or biphasic (positive-negative) in III, aVL, V1-V ...

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Anthony Kashou, MD shared a photo. 5 days ago

Acute lateral myocardial injury pattern
● ECG criteria: [abnormal Qw] + [significant STE] in I-aVL
---> Abnormal Qw: [≥30 ms wide] + [≥1 mm deep]...
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EKG pearl #3: Artifact can interfere with the correct EKG diagnosis, especially rhythm interpretation. When artifact is present, scrutinize all 12 leads of... Show more

EKG pearl #2: QT interval and T waves

T waves associated with QT prolongation due to hypocalcemia are normal in morphology. However, T waves...
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Austin Gant Is amiodarone a common cause of QT prolongation, medication wise? 3 weeks ago

EKG pearl #1: Fusion and/or capture complexes during ventricular tachycardia help to establish the presence of AV dissociation (ie, independent... Show more

In the coming months, we will be more than doubling the content currently available on the site, including the release of multiple new courses... Show more

Craig Erickson Excellent. I've been through all the videos here, and all of the EKGs of the week on YouTube. Now I'll be chipping away at the EKG's of the week... Show more 4 months ago
Anthony Kashou, MD Great to hear from you, Craig! Hope you enjoy them. You're a star! 4 months ago