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Sinus Arrhythmia

ECG Features: Sinus rhythm w/ beat-to-beat variation in PP interval Normal Pw axis: 0° to +75° Normal Pw morphology: Upright in I, II-aVF Inverted i...
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Sinus Rhythm

ECG features: Default heart rhythm; impulses arise from sinus node Normal Pw axis: 0° to +75° Normal Pw morphology: Upright in I, II-aVF Inverted in...
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dennis swanson
I was always taught one way to recognize a sinus beat was to recognize that the P in lead II was always the largest of the limb le... Read More
Thursday, 09 September 2021 10:19
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A Role for AI-enabled ECG in Cryptogenic Stroke?

Approximately 20% of all ischemic strokes are cryptogenic. In other words, they have an uncertain cause despite thorough diagnostic evaluation. M...
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The Largest, Fastest Growing EKG Community in the World

Are you an EKG enthusiast looking for another community to join? Check out The EKG Guy community on Facebook. Join over 1.1 Million individuals with o...
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Transforming EKG Education

Mayo Clinic resident Anthony Kashou, M.D., has taken it upon himself to teach health care providers near and far the fundamentals of reading ECGs, all...
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Is it VT or Not?

The primary goal of the initial EKG evaluation of every wide complex tachycardia is to determine whether the tachyarrhythmia has a ventricular or supr...
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